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A lovely celebration

October 11, 2021

It wasn’t the usual month for first communion nor was it even the usual class – but neither took from the beautiful occasion celebrating first communions with the pupils from St Joseph’s NS last weekend.

These boys and girls are now in 3rd class, having missed first communion during their 2nd class year due to pandemic related restrictions. Padraig Bracken reminded us all of the extra logistics involved in practicing with 3rd class and the committment and flexibility shown by everyone.

The weather was kind and an early morning shower cleared in time for the first of three ceremonies that morning. We had lovely readings, fantastic singing, well-thought out offertory gifts and we were led in a lovely signed “Our Father”. Fr John commented on the glorious white dresses on the girls and the snazzy outfits on the boys and reminded all of them how much their parents loved them and let them all into a secret that parents just can’t help that love – it comes naturally.

Due to ongoing pandemic measures, not all family members could attend, but there were large numbers logged in via the webcam for each ceremony.

These photos show each of the three classes and some aerial photos including our lovely St Joseph’s perched high on Springhill.

A very special thanks and congratulations to Padraig, Catherine, the class teachers, SNAs and music teachers at St Joseph’s NS. The work put into each ceremony and the individualisation of each ceremony was wonderful.





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