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Competition to mark Laudato Si’ Week

May 21, 2021


To mark Laudato Si’ week (16-24 May) Nano Nagle Birthplace is launching a competition.

So what is Laudato Si’? Let’s begin by translating this Latin title – it simply means ‘Praised Be’.

Well that could mean lots of things. There is no hint in the title that this encyclical written by Pope Francis in 2015 is all about the environment, until we see the sub-title – On Care for Our Common Home. On looking through this very readable document we find many critical messages. The challenges of proper management of water and the loss of biodiversity are mentioned. These are concepts that are discussed continuously in our time. In the past 50 years, we are guilty of becoming part of a throwaway culture. “Make do” and “mend” were old fashioned ideas. It was cheaper and faster to avoid repairs and just replace.

The Laudato Si’ document encourages dialogue between religions and sciences and dialogue and transparency in decision making. It encourages all of us to act responsibly, to find creative ways that we can be “ethical earthlings”.

Lets not despair but take inspiration from the motto of the Nagle Family crest – “Not words but deeds”. Let’s do something!

Nano, the educator would not be averse to the power of words. You are invited to submit your short story/poem based on one or more of the three themes on which Nano Nagle Birthplace is based.


Entries are free, limited to one entry per person.

There are three categories of entries:-

10 – 14 years

15 – 18 years

Over 18 years



First prize in each category is 100 euro

Second prize in each category is 50 euro

Third Prize in each category is 25 euro



Entries submitted to stating age range.

Story/essay should be no longer than 1500 words.



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