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Covid-19 measures – latest update

October 28, 2021

The guidance relating to Covid-19 measures was updated by the government with effect from 22-October.


Public worship can take place without capacity limits but with all protective measures remaining in place. This means we continue to wear masks, we continue with sanitisation at entry and exit, we observe good ventilation and we continue with social distancing measures.

From 22nd October, contact details will no longer be collected at masses in Glanmire Parish.

When entering the church, you will be reminded to wear a mask, sanitise your hands and to ensure there isn’t any congregating as people come into the church. When exiting the church, please ensure you maintain social distance as you exit and where necessary wait for others to exit first.

The wearing of a mask remains mandatory. A mask, fully covering your nose and mouth, must be worn when you enter the church and remain in place until after you leave the church.

The advice around sanitising hands remains in place – there are sanitising units at all entrances and exits in the church and parish centre.

Social distancing continues to be a requirement and this is taken into consideration with the numbers allowed in the church. Up to now, each marked seat had an empty seat in front and behind it. Depending on the occupancy of the marked seat, there will be a possibility of using the middle of the in-between seat. This will be used if the space in the middle of the marked seat is not used – if the marked seat has 1 or 2 people at each end. The use of this will be managed by the steward at that mass. As the seats are not always available, the signs on them will not be changed.

There isn’t any change to the occupancy and use of the parish centre hall.


The giving and receiving of communion changes as a result of these changes. In the church we will move back to a system closer to pre-pandemic. The priest will stand in the middle of the aisle at the top of the church, one minister will stand in the middle at the crossroads and one minister will stand in the middle of the aisle in the gallery.  Please go up to receive communion one pew at a time and consider social distancing as you do so. Downstairs, approach the priest and minister via the main aisle and return to your seat via the side aisles. In the gallery, as there is only one aisle, allow people to return to their seat before the next pew starts to exit. The receiving of communion in the hall remains the same as now with the minister coming to each seat.

And communion continues to be received only in the hand.

We are advised to ensure we maintain proper ventillation in the church. To ensure there is a degree of comfort, doors will be closed during mass times. The doors at the top of the church will be opened after communion to allow for exit. The heating will not be on in the church or the hall during mass or other ceremonies. Doors will be opened between mass times to maximise air flow through the church and hall. While there won’t be draughts at mass, the church will not be warm and people are advised to dress accordingly.


The sanitising of the church after each ceremony will continue.

The priests of the parish and the stewards greatly appreciate the ongoing cooperation with these measures.


For further information, please visit HSE website



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