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Does the Church need art?

July 6, 2021

Theology of the Arts. Does the Church Need Art?

This summer the Priory Institute are offering a repeat of the 2018 one-week online summer school motivated by a significant question posed by Pope John Paul II in his Letter to Artists: Does the Church Need Art? Six lectures will examine current theological debate on beauty and the arts, and consider some of the challenges posed by a contemporary culture of image and sound to the Church’s traditional understanding of the function of sacred art. Hence, it will examine the historical teachings of the Catholic Church concerning architecture, pictorial art, music and literature, and explore ways in which individual art forms harmoniously unite with the worshipping community to create a beautiful house for the Lord.

The course consists of six recorded presentations by Michael Dunleavy OP and is very flexible as it is delivered entirely online from:

8-13 August and again from the 22-27 August.

Throughout the course participants can interact on our e-learning platform. No previous study of theology or art is required.

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