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CHANGES to Mass times

March 24, 2019

After a lot of time, thought, consultation and discussion, the time has come to make some changes to the Sunday mass times in Glanmire Parish.

Glanmire Parish no longer has 2 full times priests and there will be times when it will be necessary for one priest to be able to say all the masses in the parish. With the current schedule of masses this is not possible – with a 10:00am Sunday mass in St Michael’s and a 10:30am Sunday mass in St Joseph’s

Consultation and discussion on this  has happened within the parish and parish assembly, within the larger pastoral area and with the Diocese. The parish assemblies in Glanmire and Glounthaune have met to discuss as Glounthaune are facing the need to make similar changes and will be making this changes at the same time as Glanmire.

The resulting decision for Glanmire Parish is

  • 9am Sunday mass at St Joseph’s will no longer continue
  • 10am Sunday mass at St Michael’s will be moved to 9:30am

These changes will come into effect on Sunday 5th May – the 1st Sunday in May.

These new mass times allow for one priest to say all masses in Glanmire parish if that became necessary.

It is acknowledged and appreciated that this change will be difficult for some parishioners – unfortunately the time has come when these changes are necessary and unavoidable. It is hoped that everyone will be able to find a Mass time that suits you in Glanmire parish – however it is worth noting that there is 9am Sunday mass in neighbouring  Knockraha.

Discussions will be had with the ministries for 9am mass at St Josephs and hopefully these will be able to continue to serve the parish at other masses.

From Sunday 5th May our weekend Mass times will be:

Saturday Masses (Vigil)
St. Joseph’s Church, Springhill, Glanmire at 6.00 pm

Sunday Masses
St. Michael’s Church, Upper Glanmire at 9.30 am
St. Joseph’s Church, Springhill, Glanmire at 10.30 am
St. Joseph’s Church, Springhill, Glanmire at 12 noon

There is no change to the weekday masses.

If you have any questions please contact any member of the Parish Assembly, the priests of the parish or the parish office.