Glanmire Parish, County Cork, Ireland - part of the Catholic Diocese of Cork and Ross.

Parish Assembly meeting

October 21, 2018

The Parish Assembly is a group of parishioners who assist with the running and development of Glanmire parish. A new assembly is formed every 3 years. All parishioners are asked for nominations for the Parish Assembly; this nomination can be oneself or another parishioner. Nominees are invited to join the Parish Assembly.  The current assembly was formed in 2016. The chairman of the Parish Assembly is Peter Falvey, vice-chair is Tim Murphy with Claire Gibson as secretary. The full membership is Doris Murphy, Loughlin Ryan, Niamh Buckeridge, Linda Cashman, Carmel Cleary, Helen Harrington, Rachel Kelleher, Billy Meaney, Catherine McGovern, Catherine McPhillips, Maria O’Keeffe, Kathleen Twomey.  As priests of the parish, Fr. John Newman and Fr. Pat Nugent are automatically members of the Parish Assembly.

The Parish Assembly meets every month.


At the most recent meeting, the Novemeber blessing of graves was discussed. The blessing of graves is at at 2pm in Templeuisce and 3pm in Rathcooney on Sunday 4th November. The annual bereavement mass will be held on Wednesday 14th November at 7:30pm with a cup of tea to be provided afterwards.

The annual blessing of babies took place on Sunday 7th October. Of 119 babies baptised from 12 months commencing 1st Sept 2017, 35 couples attended. This is the usual percentage turn-out as not all babies baptised in Glanmire reside in Glanmire.

There was further discussion on mass time changes proprosal. Fr Sheehan must meet with the Glounthaune Parish Assembly and discuss proposed revised times for Glounthaune before a meeting between representatives from both parish assemblies.  It is hoped the joint meeting can happen on Monday 22nd Oct. and the agreed proposal will then be presented to the Bishop.

There was s discussion about collectors and a suggestion that the priest sits down while the collection is taking place and also announces what the 2nd collection is for.

October is child protection month. The annual audit has been completed. On Monday 12th November an open meeting on child protection will be held in the parish centre. This will be hosted by the parish child protection group. The meeting will be announced at Sunday masses on the weekend of 10th/11th November.

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