Glanmire Parish, County Cork, Ireland - part of the Catholic Diocese of Cork and Ross.

Parish Assembly meeting

November 1, 2017

The Parish Assembly is a group of parishioners who assist with the running and development of Glanmire parish. A new assembly is formed every 3 years. All parishioners are asked for nominations for the Parish Assembly; this nomination can be oneself or another parishioner. Nominees are invited to join the Parish Assembly.  The current assembly was formed in 2016. The chairman of the Parish Assembly is Peter Falvey, vice-chair is Tim Murphy with Claire Gibson as secretary. The full membership is Doris Murphy, Loughlin Ryan, Niamh Buckeridge, Linda Cashman, Carmel Cleary, Helen Harrington, Rachel Kelleher, Billy Meaney, Catherine McGovern, Catherine McPhillips, Maria O’Keeffe, Kathleen Twomey.  As priests of the parish, Fr. John Newman and Fr. Ray Riordan are automatically members of the Parish Assembly.

There are 3 sub-groups within the Parish Assembly – Community Group, Liturgy Group and Communications Group. Each group aims to meet once a month.

The Parish Assembly, as a whole, meets every month with each sub-group submitting a report at this meeting. The meetings take place in the parish room across from St Joseph’s church.  When the new Parish Centre is completed, all meetings will take place there.


At the most recent meeting, the World Meeting of Families was discussed with a view to organising an event in the parish during the next 12 months.

There was a review of the Blessing of Babies ceremony and all agreed it had been a great success with special thanks issued to Linda Cashman for her singing.

The annual blessing of graves in Rathcooney and Templeuisce will be on 05-November. It was agreed buckets of holy water would be placed around the graveyard rather than people walking around blessing graves. Fr Newman and Fr Riordan will both attend.

The bereavement mass will be held on 15-Nov. The parish assembly will help with lighting & distributing candles, reading names, MC, bringing candles up, welcoming people, refreshments. Families of those who had funerals in parish churches will be invited but there will be a general invitation to all bereaved and not just in last 12 months.


There was a review of the process for booking weddings and a review of the changes made since last meeting. This booklet will now be discussed with Eileen, Ollie and John.

There was some discussion on how to better involve children during mass. It was agreed to start planning this when the new parish rooms are ready and to aim to organise children to be in the parish rooms for a part of mass and then brought back to the church to present their workings to the priest. The Redemptorist order provide worksheets that could be used.

Recruitment for ministers of Eucharist to commence with notice on website and in weekly newsletter with a meeting for any new members on 27th November in St Joseph’s church.

A brief discussion on Data Protection was had in light of changes coming into effect in May 2018. The communications group will take responsibility for this.


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