Glanmire Parish, County Cork, Ireland - part of the Catholic Diocese of Cork and Ross.

Parish Assembly meeting

June 20, 2020

The Parish Assembly is a group of parishioners who assist with the running and development of Glanmire parish. A new assembly is formed every 3 years. All parishioners are asked for nominations for the Parish Assembly; this nomination can be oneself or another parishioner. Nominees are invited to join the Parish Assembly.  The current assembly was formed in 2019. The chairman of the Parish Assembly is Loughlin Ryan, vice-chair is Rosaleen Murphy with Catherine McGovern as secretary. The full membership is  Attracta Burns, Niamh Buckeridge, Mirinda O’ Keeffe, Helen Harrington,  Ger Hayes, Maria O’Keeffe and Kathleen Twomey.  As priests of the parish, Fr. John Newman and Fr. Pat Nugent are automatically members of the Parish Assembly.

The Parish Assembly meets every month; however the meetings have been discontinued during the Covid-19 situation.

Our most recent meeting was convened to plan a return to masses in Glanmire.


The Parish Assembly will lead the development and implementation of measures in line with Public Health guidelines and using the Framework provided by the Bishops of Ireland. We will avail of resources from the Diocese to help with signage in the churches and parish centre.

Volunteers will be required to help with stewarding and cleaning and the members of the parish assembly will invite people to help out.


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