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Communion Prayers

Prayers Before Communion

O my God, help me to make a good Communion.
Mary, my mother, pray to Jesus for me.
All you holy Angels and saints, pray for me.
My dear Angel Guardian, lead me to the altar of God.

Act of Faith
O God,
because you said it,
I believe that I shall receive the Body of Jesus to eat,
and the Blood of Jesus to drink.
I believe this with all my heart.

Act of Sorrow
O my God,
I am sorry for all my sins
because they offend you who are so good.
With your help I will not sin again.

Prayers After Communion

Act of Faith
O Jesus,
I believe that you have come to me
in Holy Communion
because you have said it and your word is true.

Act of Love
O Jesus, I love you.
Make me love you even more.

Act of Thanks
O Jesus, I thank you
for coming to me in Holy Communion.

Prayer for Others
O Jesus,
bless my father, my mother,
my brothers and sisters and all others I ought to pray for.

Prayer for Help
O Jesus, help me to do what you want me to do.
Help me to do my work better,
help me to be kind and thoughtful at home,
and friendly to all my neighbours.

Prayer of Offering
O Jesus, receive my poor offering.
Jesus, you have given yourself to me,
now let me give myself to you:
give you my body that it may be chaste and pure,
I give you my soul that it may be free from sin,
I give you my heart that it may always love you,
I give you every breath that I shall breathe and especially my last,
I give you myself in life and in death
that I may be yours for ever and ever.

Anima Christi (early fourteenth century)
Soul of Christ, sanctify me.
Body of Christ, save me.
Blood of Christ, fill me.
Water from the side of Christ, wash me.
Passion of Christ, strengthen me.
O good Jesus, hear me.
Hide me within your wounds.
Do not allow me to be separated from you.
From the malicious enemy defend me
. In the hour of death call me
and bid me come to you that
I may praise you for ever and ever.