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Evening Prayers

Save us O Lord while we are awake, protect us while we sleep


We thank you, Lord, for the day that has passed
We thank you too for your love and protection
Forgive us for any wrong we have done this day
Forgive us for being bad-tempered or hard to live with
Forgive us for hurting those we should love
Forgive us for any word of comfort or praise or thanks which we might have spoken and did not
Forgive us for any help we might have given to someone in need and did not give.
Lord, we pray tonight for all humankind;
– for the believer and unbeliever;
– for those who are trying to find you;
– and for those who are trying to ignore you.
Bless those who are lonely, and who feel their loneliness worst of all at evening time.
Bless those who are old or sick or who will not sleep tonight.
Bless all homes and families,
and bless those who have no home of their own.
Give us all restful sleep, and the peace of heart that comes from knowing that our sins are forgiven, and that we are always in the hands of our heavenly Father.