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Lenten Talk #3 : Encountering Jesus in our distress

March 14, 2018

Tuesday 13-March Encountering Jesus in our distress

This was a very enlightening evening as we thought about how we turn to Jesus at our low times and the comfort He can offer by lifting us up in these times.

Sean opened the talk with the World Meeting of Families prayer and continued by recapping on previous week and showing us a video clip about the drawing of the icon.

Marie read a gospel pertaining to the Raising of Jairius’ daughter.

We then divided up into groups and discussed the reading and what we learned from it and when we turn to Jesus in our lives and what comfort He brings us.  This was followed by a full group discussion, facilitated by Lorna,  on the same. Lorna explained the significance of elements of the gospel story and the symbolism of the women bleeding and the distressed parent of a sick child, himself a prominent citizen. She also reminded us of the wonderful power of touch

Marie led the closing prayer followed by Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be.

Thanks to Lorna, Marie and Sean for leading this series of talks and for the amount of work and preparation that went into them. Everyone in attendance learned a lot.

Fr Newman blessed the attendees and invited Lorna, Marie and Sean to do further talks during the Easter season


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