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October 28, 2010

Getting Married


Glanmire Parish

Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding
We are delighted for you and want to make your wedding in our parish as special as possible

We have two churches:

St Joseph’s, Springhill

St Michael’s, Upper Glanmire

Fr Noel O’Sullivan, P.P. 021 4866307
Fr Ted Sheehan, C.C. 087 2033756
Parish Office 021 4820654
Sacristan, St Joseph’s Church: Mrs Olly Hayes 087 1252689
Sacristan, St. Michael’s Church: Mr. John Kelleher 087.7444553

Music greatly enhances the wedding ceremony. Please ensure that your soloist/singers are in a position to sing church music, as only hymns may be sung in church. Music only (i.e. without a singer) is not in accordance with the spirit of the liturgy. Performances by musicians are best suited to the hotel foyer or the dining room.
Site with suggestions for suitable music for weddings:

There is no fee charged to parishioners for weddings. However, a fee of €300 is charged to couples who come from outside the parish and is paid at the time of booking the church.

Spiritual Preparation
The marriage ceremony is the most important part of the day.
We recommend that the couple and the priest who is to officiate meet well in advance of the wedding to discuss and plan the ceremony together. It is your ceremony and we want you to choose your scriptural readings, prayers and hymns in a way that will reflect your relationship and your vision of marriage.
As your marriage is a sacrament it is important to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation (or Confession) as part of your preparation for your wedding.
This is all the more important if you intend to receive Holy Communion during your ceremony.

(You may celebrate your wedding in the church without Mass.
This is more appropriate for couples who do not normally attend Mass)