Glanmire Parish, County Cork, Ireland - part of the Catholic Diocese of Cork and Ross.

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Lenten Talks: Encountering Jesus this Lent

Lenten Talk #1 : Welcoming God into our families

Lenten Talk #2 : Encountering Jesus when things don’t always go as planned

Lenten Talk #3 : Encountering Jesus in our distress

Message relating to World Meeting Of Families in Ireland read at all Masses in Glanmire 9-10 Sept 2017

Good morning / evening, As a member of Glanmire Parish Assembly. I’m here to speak about the World meeting of Families which is being held in Ireland in 2018. Pope Francis has declared August 2018 as a celebration of the family and hopes that every family will join in this important world event which takes place from 21st to 26th August 2018. This event occurs every three years. Ireland was chosen by Pope Francis. He has an Irish connection due to the time he spent here in 1980.

Every family in every parish is invited to join in this series of preparations and celebrations taking place from Sept 2017 to August 2018. Even in today’s society where family breakdown is becoming an everyday occurrence, we in Ireland still have the highest marriage rate and the lowest divorce rate in Europe. The bond of marriage and family is clearly still strong in Ireland.

The family is still the first and most important school. It is the place where we learn to share, to be unselfish and to forgive. It is the place where we learn the three vital works of please, thank you and sorry.

We will give further updates as we learn more about the events over the coming months. Leaflets with website details are available at the back of the church. All the contact details and information about ticketing for the event are on this website. Please take a leaflet home with you today.

I’d like to thank you for your time and patience.